On the basis of this Manufacturing License we offer a wide range of services

  • Packing/repacking and serialization of medicinal products under the conditions specified in the Marketing Authorization, also under the conditions of the so-called cold chain i.e. at temperature of +2°C – +8°C (for the implementation of above-mentioned we have at our disposal a 200m3 cold room with constant temperature monitoring);
  • Packing/repacking of medical devices;
  • Packing/repacking of dietary supplements;
  • Packing/repacking of cosmetics;
  • Labeling or printing of samples – ,,Free sample – not for sale”;
  • Preparation of promotional packaging;
  • Archival samples storage;
  • Full service of Qualified Persons (QPs) for batch release or for further distribution;
  • For all of our clients we offer a full range of serialization service (including reporting to EMVO), marking packages with 2D Data Matrix codes (and other required information) and protection of unit packages with tamper-evident stickers. We ensure full compliance with the European Directive on preventing falsified medicinal products introduction in the legal chain of distribution (Directive 2011/62/UE) (FMD UE)

Pharma Innovations Sp. z o.o. obtained the Manufacturing Licence in 2005 and the GMP Certificate for the first time in 2008, since then renewed every two years.

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