From the beginning Pharma Innovation Sp. z o. o. put in place a Quality Assurance System based on the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice. Thanks to the Quality Assurance System implemented in all departments of our company, packaging processes are in line with current GMP standards, which was confirmed by our company obtaining the GMP Certificate issued for the first time by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector on 13th of October 2008, and since then constantly renewed.

We provide

• Services performed according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP);
• Implementation of a Quality Assurance System which guarantees a high level of services;
• Clear procedures and clearly stated scope of responsibilities of all people involved in the production process;
• Key personnel with essential qualifications and professional experience;
• A qualified team of employees receiving constant training;
• Production and storage areas managed with a validated computer system;
• Temperature and humidity monitoring system;
• A security system eliminating the possibility of making a mistake;
• Production services performed in a so-called ,,cold chain” i.e. in a temperature of +2℃ – +8℃;
• The possibility to store products in a temperature of + 2℃ – + 8℃;

Our Quality Assurance System for Good Manufacturing Practice includes

• Rigorous compliance with procedures during the production process;
• Quality control system at each individual production stage;
• Excellent condition of production areas and equipment adapted to the production process;
• Zero mistake policy at each stage of the production process;
• Performance and supervision of production operations by competent persons;
• Independent quality control autonomous from business operations;
• Qualified and constantly trained personnel;
• Validated temperature and humidity monitoring system in the production area, storage area and cold room in the temperature range of +2℃ – + 8℃. .


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